Get ready to GROW Today!

Each day is another opportunity to GROW and position yourself for the amazing purpose, promises, and destiny God has in store for you. God’s has a plan to prosper you and He does not want anything keeping you from fulfilling His plan for your life. And so when you subscribe to our website, you will receive a daily GROWING update this week at 8AM CST each morning, entitled Let’s Grow Today! So tell a family member, tell a friend, tell a neighbor. If they want to GROW this week, to subscribe today at or they can simply click on UVCF Plus and search for Let’s Grow Today to receive Pastor Mike’s inspirational messages on GROWING.

Be blessed & continue to declare by faith, We Are Growing at UVCF!

Declare…I am GROWING!

Beloved, declare this with me today.

“I will not let those who are not ready to grow in Christ keep me from growing in Christ.” – Pastor Mike Reed

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