Bible Study: Faith Boot Camp at 7pm CST

UV, FaithBootCamp2

Join Pastor Mike for the Faith Boot Camp this Wednesday night at 7pm CST. This will be an eye opening bible series that is designed to build your faith in key areas. Each night there will be an opportunity for a Q/A session with Pastor Mike. So whatever you do, DO NOT miss this strategic faith-building opportunity to receive revelation, insight, wisdom, understanding. Bring your note pads, your pens, and your praise, and be ready to GROW like never before. Faith Boot Camp, this Wednesday at 7pm CST. We hope to see you there!

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UVCF: Thanks to our Worldwide Partners

UV, WorldwidePartnersGlobeWe at UVCF Church say THANKS to all of our Worldwide Partners in the United States and around the world, who have supported our ministry for the second quarter of 2016. We appreciate your prayers of faith, your love for us which is evident by the financial support you give to help us carry out the amazing vision we have to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. And so we pray God’s blessings over you and desire that you continue to help advance God’s Kingdom. We commend you all and say THANKS again for being Worldwide Partners of UVCF Church. May God’s abundant grace continue to supply your every need. THANKS |GROWING | Worldwide Partners | UVCF Church

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